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Nations At War Compendium by Lock 'N Load Publishing   The Nations at War Compendium is exactly that. It is a r...

Nations At War Compendium by Lock 'N Load Publishing Nations At War Compendium by Lock 'N Load Publishing

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Nations At War Compendium


 The Nations at War Compendium is exactly that. It is a repackaged volume of all of the Nations at War scenarios from the Lock 'N Load Line of Fire Magazine, Airborne, and Operation Cobra expansions. This is a list of what you get with the package:

Four Double Sided Seasonal Maps
Two Counter Sheets With Over 175 Counters
One Color Module Booklet
Thirty-one Scenarios
Three Campaigns Totaling An Additional Thirteen Scenarios


 This is the list of some of the scenarios:

Escape At Dunkirk
Jubilee - Dieppe Raid
Barce Libya
Juno Beach D-Day
Point 213 - Michael Wittmann at Villers-Bocage
Operation Goodwood

The three campaigns are:

Operation Cobra

 The compendium says that you need both White Star Rising Second Edition and Desert Heat Second Edition. They are required for the scenarios in it. However, I have checked through the scenarios and with what you receive with White Star Second Edition and the counters and maps from the compendium, it seems that you can play most with just them. There are a few that Desert Heat Second Edition are essential for. The new maps and counters also mean that a player's imagination can run even wilder with homemade scenarios.

 These add on scenarios and campaigns for the Nations at War games are well worth the cost. You get a lot of bang for the buck (sorry had to). As you can see, one of the scenarios allows you to try and recreate Michael Wittmann's mayhem at Villers-Bocage or play the English and try to stop him. The aforementioned scenario, along with the two Operation Goodwood scenarios, are my favorites of the ones I have played. The compendium just adds to the depth and breadth of the Nations at War games.