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A selection of MiniFigs R Us parts line up for inspection. This time we have a selection of Torso's and legs rather than complete Mi...

MiniFigs R Us: Review MiniFigs R Us: Review

MiniFigs R Us: Review

MiniFigs R Us: Review

A selection of MiniFigs R Us parts line up for inspection.

This time we have a selection of Torso's and legs rather than complete MiniFigs. We have a good selection of WWII US Army torso's and a few German torso's with the odd legs thrown in:)

First up with have an US Army WWII Infantry Torso M1. Excellent print work and colour choices.  Front has ammo pouches and back has rucksack and canteen. Retails $6.00

Here we have US Army WWII Infantry Torso Bar. Now at first glance I looks just like the US Infantry Torso M1. However close scrutiny shows the ammo pouches are slightly bigger on this torso the Bar torso. This is the kind of detail MiniFigsRUs are going into here with these MiniFigs. Great Print Quality as well. Retails $6.00

Here we have US Infantry Torso Medic. Instead of ammo pouches he has two large pouches for his medical gear. Also has the Red Cross on his left arm. Excellent details and print quality again. Retails $6.00

The last US Infantry torso is for Infantry Thompson. This time his pouches are for his Thompson machine gun. Like the others great colour choice and superb print quality. Retails $6.00

 Here we have a German WWII Winter Poncho MP40. Great detail and print quality. Ammo pouches for his MP40 sub machine gun.  Really loving MiniFigsRUs work so far. Retails $6.00

German Luftwaffe Flak Crew. You wont find many Luftwaffe Flak Crew uniforms I'm sure so snap this one up! Essential for any Flak diorama. Excellent historical details. Can't be faulted. Retails $6.00

German DAK K98 (Olive). Another fine piece. This time we are out in the African desert with the Afrika Korps. Maybe Rommel himself we inspect this uniform at some point! Though no worries as the uniform will pass with flying colours. Great details including the Iron cross ribbon and Corporal rank insignia on left arm. He is all set to go fight in the African heat (well once he gets his head and helmet!). Retails $6.50.


Muddy Gaiters! Here we have a set of muddy gaiters. Perfect for any MiniFig fighting in muddy terrain! Can't be faulted. Retails $5.00

So that's the first MiniFigsRUs review. Really enjoyed them. My love for military MiniFigs keeps on growing. Can't wait for future MiniFigsRUs releases! Go check out the website. They have some excellent US Airborne Torso and Legs sets! They also do custom Minifigs where you can submit your design to them. So you could have your Dad or yourself as a MiniFig! I'd like to have Steiner and his platoon from Cross of Iron! That would be to much..may have to save my pennies!!


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