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Wartile, the Viking themed miniatures combat game from Playwood Project, received a hefty load of new content in an update today. It add...

Wartile - Major Content Update Wartile - Major Content Update

Wartile - Major Content Update

Wartile - Major Content Update

Wartile, the Viking themed miniatures combat game from Playwood Project, received a hefty load of new content in an update today. It adds a new character class, new maps, a new game mode, new items, and a lot more. 

If you want to read my initial rundown of the game you can find that HERE.

If you want to see the game in motion, and watch me lose rather horribly, not once but twice, this video is for you:

Official Wartile Website:

Finally, below is the complete list of changes and additions:

New Battle Board & new game mode: Trial of Tyr
New Battle Board: Thor’s Wrath
New Figurine Class: The Archer
2D Art Overhaul
Progression Overhaul
Pickup Items
And much much more.

Progression Overhaul
As we get closer to final release and get more content, we’re slowly starting to be able to organize our progression to our final vision. This means that the map progression has been changed slightly from our last patch.
The Rescue now unlocks after Heidrun Clan
Trial of Tyr (new map) now unlocks after Heidrun Clan
The Monastery now unlocks after The Rescue
Thor's Wrath (new map) now unlocks after The Monastery
The Archer (new class) now unlocks after Heidrun Clan
The Brute now unlocks after The Rescue
Difficulty has been rebalanced accordingly
Progression of experience and loot and gold cost of figurines has been rebalanced accordingly
Pickup Items

In our last patch, we added that characters could carry a Torch; expanding on this mechanic, we have now added items on battle boards that can be picked up. Pickup items will, after being picked up, appear on a character as an ability card that can be used to provide an effect, such as healing or throwing a bomb.

This mechanic will continue to be implemented and improved on in future content and likely added retroactively to existing battle boards.

Trial of Tyr
Added the new Battle Board “Trial of Tyr” adding a new game mode; Skirmish, that involves fighting against waves of enemies and surviving for as long as possible, with randomized events and enemy compositions creating a new and varying challenge.

Trial of Tyr like other maps can be completed like normal, but is also an infinite mode that allows you to test how many waves you can withstand.
New game mechanic: Wave defense
Events that change playing conditions
New Battle Board layout
Thor’s Wrath
Thor’s Wrath features battling your way through not only groups of enemies, but passing through a hazardous thunderstorm that is likely to cause some issues if you are not careful.

Thor’s Wrath features a vast network of caves with partying Vikings, where the element of surprise and tactical use of abilities will certainly be required, unless you choose to brave the dangerous thunderstorm.

New Figurine Class: The Archer
The first female character has been added to the game; The Archer. The archer is strong long range unit, that is particularly weak in close range. The Archer is higher skill cap unit that requires a lot of movement and micromanagement.
The archer class is now unlockable
The archer is a long range unit that requires active input to attack
Archer has the following abilities
Starting ability, Volley: Fires multiple shots in quick succession
Second ability, Rain of Arrows: Lets down a Rain of Arrows in an area dealing AoE damage to nearby units
Third ability, Flaming Arrow: Fires a flaming arrow at a target that ignites the tile dealing massive damage.

2D Art Overhaul
We’re in the process of a full overhaul of all 2D graphics on cards and UI. This is a longer process and this update will contain the first batch of these primarily focusing on Player and Figurine ability cards, quests and Menu UI.

Art in the entire game will follow this new style that will be introduced until the game releases.

Other Updates
Added Quest Tracking
Quests will now be tracked at the right side of the screen after looking at objective cards. This will now distinguish primary from secondary objective as well as adding support for tracking objectives will multiple sub-tasks.
UI element added to the right side of the screen for tracking objectives

Group Moving
Group moving has been introduced as a feature in this patch. Holding down the Shift key while moving a unit, will automatically cause your other nearby units to move with the unit. This has been introduced to reduce the effect of traversal on larger maps.
Group move is done by holding down “Shift” when moving your units

Lost Norse Additional Objective: Poisonous Toads
A new objective has been added to Lost Norse.
Collect toads and earn a new player ability

Battle Notifications
We have added a new Notification system that gives an indication of what effect buffs have and when units receive high grounds and flanking bonuses.
Battle notification appears when a unit enters a flanking position
Battle notification appears when a unit receives high ground defense bonus
Battle notifications appears when a units gains stat debuffs or buffs.

Item tooltips
In an attempt to further clarify the effect of items, we have added tooltips that will improve the feedback of the item’s effects.
Added tooltips to items explaining stats and special effects

AI Improvements
We’re improving a lot of things about the AI systems. Players will notice the following effects:
AI now properly moves through objects on the ground (such as Hel’s Helmet)
AI now reacts better to archers firing at them
AI now reacts to dangerous tiles

Other Changes/Bugfixes
Stat card (lower left corner) should now properly scale and move with different resolutions
Bear Trap is now permanently visible to the player using the card. Opposing players will see the trap setup, after which it will become invisible.
Slight changes to card system behind the scenes. Cards will move cleaner and have less blinking/artifacts as well being ordered differently
Fixed a bug causing friendly invites for multiplayer to not always function
Fixed a bug causing units killed with abilities and ability cards to sometimes not award experience
Units killed by neutral damage sources will no longer award battle points to the player
Minor combat changes (pending an upcoming larger change); Combat now functions slightly differently behind the scene and crits are now visible.
Fixed a bug causing debris to interfere with figurine movement
Fixed a bug that sometimes caused music to stop playing after pressing
Escape to open the menu.
Fixed various missing animations for the Brute figurine class.
Slow time now functions more smoothly. Slow time now properly interacts with other systems, such as no longer slowing down time while showing event card. Slow time will also no longer slow UI elements (such as unit ability cards).
Added hints to the menu to help new players understand more advanced concepts beyond the the scope of the tutorial.
We now save and list your high score on a battle board. This, however, does not work retroactively and will require you to replay maps to display.
Brute “Kick to the Groin” has been re-flavored to “Headbutt”
The godly card “Movement Speed” has been renamed to “Speed of Sleipnir”