Intel report  This is the place to come if your requiring Intel on what's incoming, and if all things go well hit the front page...

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Intel report

This is the place to come if your requiring Intel on what's incoming, and if all things go well hit the front page!

Well this is abit out of date!! Will update asap!  Sorry folks

  • Runewars Review
  • Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 Review
  • Combat Mission Italy Ver 4 and DLC Review
  • B17 Leader Review
  • War of the Ring and Expansion from Ares Games Review
  • Battle of Britain Starter Set Review
  • WW1 Air Combat game review from WBS Games
  • Tactical Medieval game review from WBS Games 
  • Warfighter Modern by DVG Review
  • Last Hundred Yards Review
  • Ready4Action Toy Soldiers Review
  • Columbia Games Review
  • Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Review
  • Abandon Ship Review
  • Napoleon 1806 by Shako Games Review
  • Frozen Synapse 2 Review
  • Expeditions: Vikings Review
  • Rising Storm 2 Review
  • Wasteland 3 Review
  • Battletech Review
  • Heroes of Normandie 21st Panzer DLC Review
  • Dark Future by Auruoch Digital Review
  • End State by Iron Sight LTD Review
  • U Boot  PC game review by PlayWay Review
  • U Boot Boardgame Review
  • Cobi Military Minifigs Review
  • Ania Articles
  • Interview with Matt Milne
  • Pen and Sword Book Reviews (monthly)
  • Tiny Battles Game Reviews
  • Collins Epic Games
  • Worthington Games
  • Flying Pig Games
  • InXile Games
  • Harebrained Schemes Games
  • Tripwire Interactive Games
  • LockNLoad Games
  • Casemate Publishing Book Reviews
  • Leaping Horseman Publishing Book Reviews
  • Panzer Battles series Reviews
  • Planar Conquest review
  • Esdevium Games Reviews (includes FFG and many other major boardgame companies)
  • Empire Military Miniatures Reviews
  • HaT Industrie Toy Soldier Reviews
  • MMP Reviews # (Non ASL)
  • WBS Games Reviews
  • NWS Game Reviews
  • Battlefront Games Reviews
  • HPS Sims Game Reviews
  • Slitherine\Matrix Games Reviews
  • DVG Games Reviews
  • Ares Games Reviews
  • Interview with Shaun Wallace
  • Warfighter WW2 Review
  • Wings of Glory WWI and WWII product Reviews
  • Interview with author Jack Sheldon
  • Interview with author Jason D Marks
  • BrickMania Reviews
  • United Bricks Reviews
  • Minifigs'R Us  Reviews
  • Brick Arms  Reviews
  • Special Guest Articles
  • Lots of exciting digital and board game Reviews
  • Many more Interviews with people of interest
  • After Action Reports section
  • General interest articles check "Intel"
  • Mike 'Sandbagger' Norris Wingnut Kit build
  • Military Model making
  • Re-Enactment News # 
  • War Film\Documentaries Reviews# 
List is in no particular order. Will be updated as things change.

# Not definite

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