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THE PLAN   Hello, and welcome to A Wargamers Needful Things ! Some may notice this is a new Plan..well not really a plan as such...jus...

The Plan\Rules of Engagement The Plan\Rules of Engagement

The Plan\Rules of Engagement

The Plan\Rules of Engagement


Hello, and welcome to A Wargamers Needful Things!

Some may notice this is a new Plan..well not really a plan as such...just how the team see this site evolving.

AWNT is a place where Wargamers, Toy Soldier collectors, Military MiniFig collectors and those who enjoy reading military history can all come together to get the low down on the latest releases from some of the best companies for each specific section. I imagine many of you will have an interest in more than one section. There probably isn't a wargamer out there who doesn't read military history for instance. Or like me you may be interested in everything published on the blog. Though what I'd love to happen is that someone comes here for one thing and goes away with a keen interest in another! So we get a Wargamer going away to buy their first Military MiniFig or a MiniFig collector going off to buy their first wargame!

Since the blog went live in April it has done far better than I could ever imagined and we have a very healthy list of companies who have agreed for us to review their future releases. Viewing figures are constantly increasing which is superb for the blogs longevity, and we hope to be going for a long time yet:)

We intend to let the blog grow organically and see where it takes us. A dream would be for us to become a major presence on the net regarding the things we cover, to the point where we get to go to conventions etc. and maybe if we do ever start to make any money think about becoming more than  a blog but also have our own development team..or if not that maybe sell the products we could go anyway..or not really go any further than it is now, which again is great.  As I said we let things move along in an organic fashion and not try and push the site this way or that. For it to become a business in it's own right would be wonderful, however it's not the long term aim, only if it naturally progresses that way.

So I hope you all stay with us for this ride into the wargame\toy filled future. As long as we are all enjoying it and having fun along the way that's what counts over anything:)

Happy Hunting


PS: If you have any suggestions or want to contact us email  (two underscores)


  Okay, I am not Mr. Marx, or the barons of England, and let's not forget Mr. Kane, but here goes.

 A Wargamer's Needful Things (from here on out WNT) promises to do the best we can within our means of keeping you abreast of wargaming news, and reviews to help you choose what to game your time away with.

 We pledge to tell the truth about the games that we review, whether it is a bad game or a great one or a middle of the road game that might be great with some improvement. We here at WNT are just a few wargaming players who wanted to try and help some people decide on all of the different products available. We have a limited amount of computers, etc. to test with. It is very possible with all the billions of configurations that PCs have now that something might work fine on our computers and not so well on others, and vice versa. If there are numerous reports of issues in games that we do not experience ourselves, we will add that to the review.

 We are not beholden to any publisher or gaming company. Just for the record, publishers do not want us to be. While they may not be happy with a review, they would certainly not be happy with a rubber stamped "their games are great", review either.

  WNT will also try to help the prospective buyer in this manner.  We will try to put ourselves in the buyer's shoes by informing the reader if the game is a good buy for people who don't usually enjoy the genre, or a must buy for people who do. For instance, some people avoid RTS games, thinking they are too frenetic. We would put in our reviews that even though it is a RTS, it is pause-able or slow paced if that was the case.

  WNT would also like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit us. We in turn will try to keep you abreast of the gaming world in as timely and well-done manner as possible.

AWNT Team.