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Derby Worlds 2017 was held 7th and 8th October, just South of Leicester at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Grounds. Demo game for The Battle...

Derby Worlds 2017 Derby Worlds 2017

Derby Worlds 2017

Derby Worlds 2017

Derby Worlds 2017 was held 7th and 8th October, just South of Leicester at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Grounds.
Demo game for The Battle of Cerignola
I had no idea what to expect having never attended a miniature wargaming convention. I was going along to play a game of Magic Realm with some fellow bgg-ers.
A very special Magic Realm
I was immediately struck by how well attended the show was and therefore how healthy the miniature wargaming hobby is in the UK. Personal experience also backs up my theory that it is a buoyant hobby in the UK as I can readily find a local weekly wargaming club, the same can't be said of local board game clubs.
The Battle of Jutland (on a massive table)
If I had to guess there were probably 2,000 people in attendance on Saturday and the show literature advertised over 70 different traders on the day. Just over half of the space was dedicated to traders and demo games, and the rest of the hall was handed over to the dozens of different tournaments on offer. At the busiest time, there could have been upwards of 40 different tournament games going on.
Towards the tournament side of the hall
Another view of Cerignola
All of the demo tables were gorgeous and lavish productions of what a wargaming table can look like. I expect the reality is probably a little different if you looked in the attics and sheds of most wargamers.
First World War African battle
My game of Magic Realm, aside from being played on a phenomenally beautiful set, was a fairly typical Magic Realm affair i.e. I died on day 3. I failed 2 hide rolls and moved into a clearing with 2 Flying Dragons, a Tremendous Flying Dragon and to top it off, an Octopus was summoned at the end of my turn. That fight was never going to end well for my Berserker. I ended the game with a grand score of -30, for the uninitiated a score of 0 or higher is considered a win.
My Berserker dying
All in all, I had a great time, and could definitely recommend it for any UK gamer and if like me, you're primarily a board gamer, it is a fantastic introduction to the vast array of different rule sets, eras, scales and modelling possibilities that are readily available in the miniature wargaming hobby. I will definitely be going back next year.


  1. Magic Realms looks just fantastic. Any more info on it?
    Many fond memories of that game (the board-verison). Still have it in the games-dungeon and looks at it now and again. Might just have to re-read the rules.
    Thanks for the pics!

    1. It was crafted by another bgg user (username: 'matthew clark' on and he has quite a lot of pictures of it in his picture galleries.
      The board looks phenomenal and he has got miniatures of nearly every single thing. (chits don't get their own mini!) 'You want a small campfire? - here's the miniature; Escort Party mission? have a wagon miniature'. Every single denizen and native has their own miniature. To see it in all it's glory and to comprehend how much work Matthew has put into it is truly mind-boggling.

  2. Just your few pics are mind-boggling :-)
    Thanks a lot for the info, I'll check the stuff on BGG (and the rules)

  3. well just up the road from me and never knew it was going off tbh, and with the local and where it all started also just down the road at Games Workshop in my back garden almost, a shame as would have liked to have popped along