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V-COMMANDOS: RESISTANCE from TRITON NOIR Back in March 2017, I reviewed a new game, V-Commandos , and a totally new system fr...







Back in March 2017, I reviewed a new game, V-Commandos, and a totally new system from this small independent company, Triton Noir.  I was greatly impressed by what I saw and played.  Unfortunately, I missed out on their first expansion,V-Commandos: Resistance, but not on the second expansion, V-Commandos: Secret Weapons which I was able to review in early 2018.

Now thanks to Triton Noir, I've got the chance to bring that missed opportunity to you with their reissue of their first expansion.  As my previous two reviews are too deep in the depths of our archives for me to provide an easy link, for those of you unfamiliar with the games and system or simply want to refresh your memories, we're republishing them all together.  

As before, like the core game, there is a duplicate set of cards and a duplicate rule book, one in English the other in French.  In terms of content and rules, both expansions follow an identical pattern.  Three new OPERATIVES are presented: the SABOTEUR, SPY and S.O.E. AGENT and five new OPERATIONS; named KNIGHTHOOD, CHECKERS, VICTORY, FLAIL and STEAM. 

A feature I've liked throughout is that these Operations are presented on double-sided pairs of cards.  Each pair gives the title of the operation along with its geographical location shown on a small map, a brief flavour-full piece of situation information, a diagram of the locations needed to play this Operation and finally specific conditions for some of the locations.  

I couldn't resist using this set as a illustration as it includes the Eiffel Tower and the note "This monument must not be damaged!"
What you may notice is that there may not be special instructions for every location involved in a particular Operation.

Finally the game contains a set of cards that show the specific layout of each location, as in these taken from Operation Steam.

The shaded areas are interiors and the unshaded are exterior locations.  Specific objects, enemy counters, alarm points and where your units and enemy units enter are all clearly identified

An important point is that this is an expansion and so the core game is needed to provide some of the parts you require.  Tiles and counters are essential from the core game and instructions are given for replacing core units with new ones. The latter are presented in  a separate rule book that also introduces new rules, usually linked to the new characters, the new enemy units and new items of equipment.   Something I really like is that each expansion has been designed to mix only with the core game, unlike some games where you need all the expansions plus the core game to create what you need. 

Considering the essence of stealth at the heart of the original game, the topic of Resistance had to be high on Triton Noir's list for inclusion.  As it's also a topic dear to my heart, I think this is marginally my preferred choice of the two expansions.  However, this is a purely personal reaction to the topic, as both expansions offer excellent additional value - high on atmosphere and action.

Whether there will be further additions is unknown, but if I can't have more of WWII, then on the horizon hopefully next year will be Triton Noir's foray into another secret world that of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice.  This should more than satisfy anyone's craving for skulduggery and lethal action and those of you who would have liked to see miniatures in V-Commandos will be more than pleased to welcome them in Assassin's Creed