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 V-SABOTAGE MINIATURE PACK FROM TRITON-NOIR As promised a few days ago, here is  more a gallery tour of the visual and physical delights of ...







As promised a few days ago, here is more a gallery tour of the visual and physical delights of this latest expansion as the photos mainly speak for themselves.  So does the depth of the box which can better be appreciated from this angle.

Because of its contents including two trays of miniatures, this is not just the largest expansion, but substantially larger than the core game box. Also, because the fact that the heart of this package is the 65 miniatures, I feel I need to quote my original comment on the game in 2017:

"Certainly, the very good quality, circular, cardboard discs that represent the many single-man figures in the game are high on that list.  I had imagined buying and painting some commando figures [of which there are many fine products on the market], but soon decided that I much preferred what you see here."

I confess that I still rate the Commando counters very highly for their size, solidity and vibrant colours, but with what I can show you now I'm not going to be letting these miniatures sit idle in their perfect moulded containers.

This first set contains all your relentless enemies in four different poses, plus 2 alarm units.  I particularly like these models of hand-cranked alarms that immediately have my ears resounding to their imagined wail!

The second container holds five very individualised Commando figures, plus a further five figures representing the Commandos when disguised in German uniforms.  In addition, there are ten models of elite German troops armed with StG44s and three sandbag machine gun nests with separate MG42s.
Also visible in my photo are two good quality cloth bags to hold enemy reserve and equipment reserve and, just about visible, are the red plastic base rings that are attached to a Commando when he/she becomes visible and removed when the Commando returns to stealthy status.
Though the figures are the major draw of this expansion, there is considerably more to the box's contents than plastic.  There's plenty to satisfy my liking for cardboard. There are 54 enemy reinforcement tokens and a double-sided enemy board and, even more to gain my applause, a total of 25 new indoor/outdoor tiles, comprising 15 small, 3 medium sized and a superb 7 large tiles. 

To illustrate just one of the large tiles on its outdoor side, I've included a couple of German soldiers, along with an alarm machine and a machine gun nest.  While the next shot presents two large tiles on their indoor side, plus two of the different German soldier poses and the three types of doors.

And finally, what I hope you've been waiting for, a glimpse of the Commando figures: the first one on the left is in German officer disguise, while the other two are only too obviously undisguised!

Another very impressive large tile helps to provide a dramatic background to two more Commandos facing off against two German troopers.

The last item in the box is the rulebook, though not quite what you might be expecting.  It's a mere 4 pages, of which one page is the front cover and the second page [which really, really does not do justice to what is in this package] shows the contents of the box.

And the final two pages explain how to utilise specific aspects of the figures and tokens.

This Expansion is the icing on the cake with the cherry on the top and will be very, very hard to resist and so, it is with an extra big thanks to Triton-Noir for sending me a copy to review and I hope that my photos have given you an appetite for a more personal acquaintance with this addition.