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  JMBricklayer RC Tiger Tank 61501   Oddly enough, I do not have a Tiger I or a King Tiger in my block made kit menagerie. So, I jumped at t...

JMBricklayer RC Tiger Tank 61501 JMBricklayer RC Tiger Tank 61501

JMBricklayer RC Tiger Tank 61501

JMBricklayer RC Tiger Tank 61501


RC Tiger Tank 61501

  Oddly enough, I do not have a Tiger I or a King Tiger in my block made kit menagerie. So, I jumped at the chance to build this kit from JMBricklayer. The RC tanks that I usually see advertised have always seemed to me to be long on the RC part and rather short on the looks end. Oh, for a child that doesn't really care if it looks like a Tiger I or not they are fine. However, when these kits are being built by us old folks it is a different story. What we want is a Tiger I that looks like one and was not developed from a sketch of Picasso's. You will be pleased to know that this kit is a well-done representation of a real Tiger I (Panzerkampfwagen VI to you sticklers). 

  Building the kit was pretty straight forward. Just so you understand, with all of the kits from different companies that I have built, there have been problems with assembly. The main problem is me. I get too nonchalant about looking as closely to the instructions as I should. I get into a groove and just start building. That is, until 3-10 pages later I find that I messed up and need to disassemble everything I have done for the last five minutes. 

 With this kit I only had two slipups and one of them was minor. The only thing that scared me when I opened up the package was when I saw that the tracks came unassembled. I had visions that the tracks were going to be a complete nightmare to build with my non-adroit fingers. I was extremely happy to find out that putting the tracks together was one of the easiest parts of the build. I remember what a living hell it was putting tracks together for a glued plastic model. I swear I would end up with one or two tracks glued to my forehead. 

 This is what JMBricklayer has to say about its kit:

Exquisite Building Block Kit】: This tiger tank is composed of 800 high-quality building blocks, which can be used with confidence. The entire model measures 9.60in(L) x 5.11in(W) x 4.33in(H), plus, all accessories are packaged in individual bags in the order of assembly, with colorful assembly instructions to help you easily distinguish and complete assembly. You can do it with your family, and it will be fun.
【Creative Design】: The military tank is rich in structure, unique and creative in design, and is a fantastic toy model. It can go forward and backward, left and right, and can drive in all directions. And it is equipped with a rotating turret, and a built-in gyroscope, and can simulate the sound of the engine, which truly restores the tank experience. Overall, this is a very refined and flexible military building block vehicle.
【Easy to Operate】: The military tank building block toy has a motor and a lithium battery, which can be driven flexibly. It supports a mobile phone APP or 2.4GHZ remote control (without battery) Bluetooth control, the signal is stable, and remote operation can be realized, you don’t need to worry about operation problems. You can enjoy assembly with your family and friends and unlock its various functions together when you’re done.

This is a picture of the box

The contents before I opened up the bags

 I am well aware that you should separate all of the different pieces into piles of like pieces before you even start building. This would be just like doing a puzzle. However, I prefer the 'Where is Waldo?' type of building. It adds time and sometimes leads to a little annoyance, but it works like the game of 'Concentration' during the build.

 This kit was pretty enjoyable to put together. It took about three hours in total. However, I was not just sitting there doing the construction straight through. I spread the build over two days and was doing other things in the meantime. As I had mentioned, the tracks were quite easy to put together. The instructions were a little hard for me at the beginning of the build. They are all diagrams as usual. What JMBricklayer does is use a red line around where the new pieces are supposed to go. Do not build it like me and just assume you know where pieces are supposed to go. Look for those red lines and you will not make any mistakes like I did. 

 The kit also comes with markings for the tank. I always had trouble with those when building plastic models. I could never get them where they needed to be put on. I had no problem at all with these markers from the Tiger kit. These are different than the others that I have worked with. With these you put them on and then rub them for a bit. Then you actually peel back the clear plastic leaving the marker. 

 While I have never been a fan of RC vehicles and have not owned any until now, I was impressed with the sound and movement of the Tiger I. Thank you JMBricklayer for allowing me to review this fine product of yours. The next review for them will be of their 3-in1 Remarkable Ancient Machine.

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RC Tiger Tank 61501: